Mediteranean Meditations

Mediterannean Meditations from david behar perahia on Vimeo.

I am using drawing as a way to reflect and manifest the presence and passage of time, the moment of discovery and exaltation which is often called the creative presence. The series of drawings were performed under two operational frames: a conceptual one and an experiential one. Starting my day every morning on the Mediterranean sea shore of Jaffa, I experience the phenomena of the sea. Then, directly going to my drawing studio I started to draw within a musical environment with a time limit, as defined by a specific piano piece by J.S. Bach, as chosen to reflect nature of the sea, during that morning. This frame gives not only a dialogic and structural quality to the process, but also facilitates the expressive character to the drawing. At the end of the process, what was left on the paper were the traces of being present in the world. Text by David Behar – Perahia

curator Sivan Eran, Ticho House, Israel Museum 2010
Curator Dovrat Meron, Scalamata Gallery, Venice 2008