The site: a gallery space next to the machine pump room that serves the kitchen of Kibbutz Nachshon.
The situation:
At that time (and still today), the Kibbutz has gone through a process of privatization.
The machine pump room has endless leaking problems, when I first arrived to the gallery one of the pipes has exploded
In this work, I tried to create a dialogue between two different types of spaces: between the white cultural sterile space, against the machine pump room, which is a kind of a non-place, a place one usually prefer to ignore.
The link for this dialogue, was through the phenomena of leak, a phenomena that allows the admission or escape of material.
The materials of the work: a mechanism that opened and closed the door all the time, monotonously. This door lead to the pump rooms. The materials of water, sound and video, that were recorded in the machine room and then projected into gallery, and light.
There were different appearances of the leak: Daylight that leaked through the bouncing door, sounds of empty pipes that emerged underneath the floor through the sewage system, water that dripped down the stairs and accumulated in a pond in the centre of the space, and visitors that leaked in and out through a narrow door, and became part of the happening. A flickering light emerged from a video projector, letting in a huge drip to slowly accumulate and appear, to dramatically fall into the physical water puddle on the floor. The puddle was calm in one moment, and in the next it pretended to flood the space.
The experience of this place is one of a mysterious space, a space of danger where chaos resides.  The experience gave away to a puzzle through a sensuous experience, through vision, sound, smell and kinesthetics, the movement of man in space.

Curator: Yael Keini
Nachshon Gallery, 2004