After Deluge – Venice

AFTER Deluge 53rd Venice Bianale from david behar perahia on Vimeo.

This work reflects a specific area of the Ghetto (16th Cent.), during a time of turmoil events from the outside as well as from inside the Jewish community. The objects of this work are studying tables, the building elements that compose the “Beit Midrash”, the jewish learning space. These tables-objects have gone through a process of metamorphosis through the interaction with the power of water, by traveling down the Cervo river, which water`s find their way to the sea through the gates of Venice. This process suggests multiple reflections into the fragile existence of this community. The work was created for the specific space of Leon da Modena school in Ghetto Vecchio, Venice, as part of the Detournement project of the 53rd Venice Biennale.

Curator: Anna Bloomfeld & Michal Meron
Venue: Leon da Modena school, Ghetto Vecchio, Venice

Sep 2009